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Automatic doors

The right solution for your facility, combining safety and security with efficiency and convenience – sliding doors, swing doors and revolving doors.

Industrial doors

Industrial doors are an important part of your business flow, facilitating logistics and increasing security. Overhead sectional doors, folding doors and vertical-lifting fabric doors are available in a variety of configurations.

High-performance doors

In some places, no ordinary door will do. Our high-performance door solutions stand up to exceptional needs, giving you a long service life and the perfect degree of speed, safety, hygiene and energy efficiency.

Hangar doors

Specially-designed vertical-lifting fabric doors for extreme conditions and exceptionally large openings. Handles both high wind loads and tough environments – hangar doors, shipyard doors and doors for the mining industry.

Loading dock equipment

Loading dock equipment is key in the efficient and safe handling of goods. Levelers, shelters, loadhouses and other accessories make loading and unloading more convenient and sustainable.