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We offer a range of high quality and reliable clean room door solutions. Contact an office near you for more information and a solution that meets your needs.

In this article, we provide an outline of the features available in our range of cleanroom doors - to assist you in determining the most appropriate solution for your application. 

ASSA ABLOY has been listed on Forbes World’s Most Innovative Companies list four times and was a Gold winner in ‘Excellent Brands – Building and Elements’ at the German Brand Awards 2019. Our Entrance Systems offers the strength of a global supplier, combined with the convenience of local support for complete entrance solutions – we are not only clean room door manufacturers, designers and installers, we also provide ongoing maintenance and modernisation support too. 

Below is a list of the features & benefits of our clean room sliding doors.

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Clean Room Sliding Door Features & Benefits

Our cleanroom sliding doors are suitable for Ideal for a variety of cleanroom applications including pharmaceutical, chemical, electronics and micro-mechanics industries. Depending on the product type, features and benefits may include: 

  • Protection against drafts, humidity, dust and dirt
  • Almost airtight seal minimising pressure drop 
  • Compliance with international cleanroom standards 
  • Fraunhofer Institute certified
  • Fast opening- and closing-speed (helps control air exchange and reduces contaminants)
  • A break-away system that ensures maximum safety for personnel and equipment
  • High air-tightness and fast operating-speed
  • Contactless Safety Edge preventing accidents even under high speeds
  • Available with an optional Contactless Actuator (making it possible to open the door with a wave of a hand) reducing the risk of contaminants passing between hands and door side frames

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