Reduced energy use in chilled warehouse


The Brakes group was able to both save money and reduce energy use in their chilled warehouse, by adding loading dock equipment from ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems to their docking bays,

The Brakes Brothers Food Group added a sustainable new-built distribution center in Glasgow, Scotland to their chilled distribution network. The distribution center has to be kept at a constant temperature of 4 degrees Celsius. When deciding on a docking solution substantial savings in energy usage by preventing avoidable energy loss through doors and dock levelers, was one of the deciding factors.

In direct collaboration with Brakes' property management, a custom made solution was created, where standard square sectional doors were adapted into a T-shape, with the added bottom section sitting in front of the dock leveler - rather than on top of it.

Estimated savings of 589,000 kwh per year

Additional insulated panels below the dock leveler totally seal the pit area underneath when doors are closed, keeping the whole leveler inside the building at chilled temperature, resulting in in substantial energy savings.

By providing 70mm thick panels on all the sectional doors instead of the industry standard 42mm, and inflatable dock shelters created a tight seal around the clients' lorries while brush seals were fitted around the dock leveler to minimize thermal losses when doors are open and in use.

High-performance doors were fitted behind the sectional doors on the level access vehicle doors. The fast-acting fabric high-performance doors allowed the frequent access of fork lift trucks into the building during the day, keeping energy loss to a minimum. At night the sectional doors are closed optimizing insulation.

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